💥MNM! Messi! Neymar! Mbappe!💥 (Messi signs for PSG Presentation Song)

Publisert 11. aug.. 2021
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  • Je suis juste foud de cette musique j l'écoute 1772 de fois par jour 123 mnm of PSG not you Verratti🐭🐁🐀

  • 1:42 I'm here after knowing that Icardi cheated on Wanda and separated from her.

  • Brings back memories.

  • Ya

  • poor luis :(

  • MSN vs MNM vs MRM who do you think is better they're all my favourites

  • Its not the same and it will never be the same

  • Is this a parody of which song?

  • A

  • Frenkie De Jong Likes Barbie

  • I actually made a song for Lionel in PSG and they were called MNM it sound's like the candy

  • PSG should sign suarez when Mbappe leaves MSN

  • 1-2-3 MSN of Barcellona 💔


  • MNB

  • That “no more pes” is so funny now

  • Quite the remix of the throwback song

  • 1:16 old Dani Alves

  • Bayern: ONE PLAYER MORE?! Barcelona: It's Kuni, but he's training... Kun: Also, I'm a Gamer and NOwiner.. One day I played Among Us with Ney, Ney kill me 2 times and he wins!!!

  • 0:19 😂 lol

    • @fan of messi and ronaldo theres a high chance that haaland can go to psg so i mean another young pro

    • @fan of messi and ronaldo LOL, even Sheriff will be better than you

    • Yeah psg will not win. barcelona will win champions league

  • Msn are still better in my opinion

  • 2:09 pls psg buy ronaldo :D

  • If Liverpool go up against psg I’ll cry like actually cry

  • I wish the team see this song lol

  • I'm sad that there aren't Italian subtitles already in the subtitles' menu

  • 2:02 chewy :(

  • Suarez, they start their career on MSN and ended on msn

  • dud I swear if if Mbappe ever join Real Madrid lets pray that PSG signs Suarez so MSN can be once again

  • Suarez y isn't it ringing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Paris Saint Qatar : 2 - 0 Manchester Sheiky

  • Messi finally scored his first goal for PSG

  • PSG will never win UCL,even if They have Messi and Ronaldo I hope that I will never see a french team win the UCL,They don t deserved it.

  • This song will never get old

  • I want to eat some M&Ms get it cuz it mnm Messi Neymar and mbape.. hope it was funny...


  • evropa vs severnaa amerika

  • Only old fans thinks it should Louie S

  • Every front 3 with Jessi in will begin with M

  • as an argentinean i do know all about the icardi thing. and how it was portrayed it was freaking hilarious XD

  • Miss MSN 😭 Old memories

  • jdb

  • Suarez🥲


  • MNM vs vs RON

  • Mnm menemen jaajjakajja

  • 2:09 Siiiiiiii!!

  • CR7 ❤ He Came Back 🏠 MUFC!!! 🔴🔴🔴 SIUUU!!!

  • Hej abdulrizak

  • MSN😭😭😭😭

  • 1,2,3😕

  • Messi Messi Messi

  • 1:43 xD

  • 1:04

  • nowine.info/loft/sGKqf6bHfM-slaM/video

  • FC Bayern goal song lol

    • Actually it was first used in a msn vid

  • Mi dissocio

  • This hits different as a Barca fan 🥲

  • JUST S🇺🇦I🇮🇹K🇧🇷 of AC MILAN

  • I was Thinking If Mbappe Leave PSG And Suarez to join PSG then Msn will play together again

  • 0:39 psg has become a mutant nightmare team

  • 2:14 MCN

  • 1, 2, 3 not only you and me 1, 2, 3 now it's only you and me 1, 2, 3 MCN of PSG 1, 2, 3 FCB of Germany 1, 2, 3 MNM of PSG i always love this song whats the real song name?

  • 0:04 why is Neymar standing like that 😂

  • PSG just killed Barcelona with money.

  • ronaldo was amazing i hope it really happens!

  • only legends will remember Neymar Suarez and Messi...

  • Lionel Messu Leo Messi's Barcelona (2000-2021) 1st Day - 4th Day Leo Messi's PSG (2021-present) 1st Day Youth career (1992-2003) Grandoli (1992-1995) 1st Day Newell's Old Boys (1995-2000) Barcelona (2000-2003) 1st Day Senior career (2003-present) Barcelona C (2003-2004) 2nd Day Barcelona B (2004-2005) 3rd Day Barcelona (2004-2021) 4th Day Paris Saint-Germain (2021-present) 1st Day

  • Play pes tho for me pes is the best better than fifa

  • gjdinfjchihjidji

  • Notaxmar ,Lionel, Chewy 😞

  • This song is a copy of MSN 😡

  • RSC rashford, Sancho and Cristiano of man utd

  • Underrated line 1:15

  • Mmn psg 😂👌

  • 0.02

  • When you're the manager of PSG, the biggest problem you face is to lineup all your best players

  • Notaxmar Lionel chewy

  • Could you imagine a MRN🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Ayo this needs to be Spotify

  • Ngl their trio name sounds kinda tasty

  • This aged well Ronaldo part

  • F ronaldo

  • It sound like Eminem of psg

  • Who want also NRM?

  • 123 MNM IN PSG!!!!!!!!

  • Ειναι τελειο

  • Ramos es muy fuerte.

  • J’mapelle Harry Kane 😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

  • “Hahaa get in the bin” hits different 😎

  • It's better when Messi Mbappe and Di Maria

  • സെൻറ് ടു വേ

  • I actually felt bad for Suarez at the end

  • I love that ever since the Champions League Final Video, Aguero has done nothing but cry in 442oons videos.

  • Who knows the original song to this version???

    • britney spears 3

    • Msn song was the first one done by 442oons. But that's a parody as well but I don't know from which song

  • 1:43

    • This tune will be a legend of the 442oons channel!

  • 2:02

  • 8 2 baryen barça

  • Now Suarez can join them.

  • MNM stay hahah